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Our Functional Academic and Learning Skills Assessment explores basic academic skills as well as the underlying thinking/processing skills that provide a critical foundation for learning and paying attention. The testing allows us to:

  • Help you understand the cause of the struggle

  • Create a plan for solving the learning difficulties that are geared specifically to the individual's needs

  • Determine the best way to catch up academically

“Zella was having a very hard time with reading fluency and math skills. She also had some attention issues when we first started the program. She often cried and was very self-conscious in school. After working through Core with Micah, and the reading and math programs, Zella is much more confident. She does not get frustrated easily, can sit and pay attention, and loves to read and write! I fully believe that without the Duluth Core program she would have continued to struggle in school. Duluth Core is well worth the time, effort, and expense. Your child gets it all back three-fold!!”


    Parent of 2nd grader 

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