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What makes us different?

When choosing a clinician there are many considerations to keep in mind, including:

  • Educational background

  • Proven areas of expertise

  • Scheduling flexibility

  • The breadth of program offerings

  • Whether they are a good match personally for your child

We treat the causes, not just the symptoms.

Our Process Duluth Core Learning.png

Maintain your child’s academic success with 2 to 5 day-a-week,

1x1 individualized sessions built to make learning easier,

more efficient, and fun!  

At Duluth Core, we work to strengthen the underlying skills of

processing, memory, and attention and help students apply them to their

reading, writing, and math.

How we work

We have compiled programs and exercises for developing underlying “mental tools” needed for success, not only in reading and writing but in every area of learning and attention:
  • We focus on the Learning Continuum as our point of evaluation and programming decisions. Where schools and tutors do their work on the top two steps while we work on the bottom three steps of the continuum and make accommodations for weak areas. 

  • We have a specific and sequential Auditory Stimulation Training system.

  • We have refined our Auditory, Memory, Processing, and Attention programs.

  • We have a CORE Learning program developing motor skills, internal organization, visual skills, body, and attention awareness.

  • Our tools include The Listening Program, metronome, and audio-vocal training.

Duluth Core Learning Client.png
We offer therapeutic instruction in:
  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Phonological Awareness

  • Decoding

  • Reading Fluency

  • Comprehension

  • Critical Thinking

  • Components of writing including spelling

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