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How Has Covid-19 Affected your Child's Learning?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

What you Need to Know BEFORE School Starts Again.

Truly, nobody knows what school is going to look like come fall. Teachers will be pressed to review, cram, and “speed teach” in an attempt to make up for all the learning that has been lost.

You’re living in the era of “Lost Learning”

Success will come to those who are fast learners. Those students who have strong underlying skills will have a MUCH easier time adapting.

This is the WORST time in history to be behind in school!

· Were you worried about your child’s learning prior to COVID-19?

· Pre-COVID, did homework lead to frequent tears, meltdowns, and frustration?

· Do you now wonder how your child’s teacher did it as you try to balance being a parent, teacher, employee, and at times morphing into the impatient, raging, Monster you’ve always sworn you don’t want to be?

Children who struggled before their entire world shifted beneath them, will be forced to “race to catch up,reinforcing the feeling of always being left behind. A study conducted about Literacy Loss in Kindergarten Children during COVID-19 school closures has the conclusion that 67% of kindergarten students' literacy abilities will be lost during school closures. Strong underlying skills in auditory/visual memory and processing, processing speed, attention, and inner timing will be needed more than ever to survive.

Is your child ready? Are you?

In all this uncertainty, one thing we can be certain of is that all those underlying skills for learning can be strengthened and developed.

People do become independent, efficient learners, at any age!

The reopening of school is racing toward you and will likely be here before you’re ready.

It’s time NOW to prepare for whatever may come this next year!

Call us now to:

  • Find out how far your child’s learning skills really go

  • Build, strengthen, and make automatic the skills your child needs in order to face the coming school “crunch”

  • Give your child a chance to have the very best school year… ever

NOW is the time. You can’t control what the schools do, but you can control your child being 100% prepared for whatever comes next.

Here’s how to get started:

Call Us, email us, pony express us, come in to visit, send us a telegram, etc.

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