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Why Therapeutic Learning?

Learning Continuum where we work and how we focus our work on it

What is the Difference Between
Therapeutic Instruction and Tutoring?

  1. Services Provided:

    • Focus on content.

    • Assistance with homework and private instruction in specific subjects.

    • Flexible scheduling, often spread over time.

  2. Tutor Training:

    • Skills in time management, task completion, study skills, and subject matter.

    • Some may have training in exceptionalities.

    • No required certification or qualifications.

  3. Goals and Strategies:

    • Emphasis on improving grades.

    • Use of traditional teaching methods.

    • May work in educational centers or in students' homes.

Anna focusing on  therapeutic intruction using blue card to improve
How tutoring is on a regular basis
Therapeutic Instruction

Services Provided:

  • Focus on learning process for independent, confident content learning.

  • Individualized, intensive interventions with research-based strategies.

  • Formal and informal academic skill assessments with regular monitoring.

Therapeutic Training:

  • Extensive training in learning processes and difficulties.

  • Additional training in psychology of learning differences, assessment strategies, and social-emotional aspects of learning.

  • Deep experience in learning exceptionalities.

Goals and Strategies:

  • Collaborative goal setting using diagnostic and psycho-educational evaluations.

  • Methodologies and programs based on these goals.

  • Therapeutic plans addressing academic, psycho-educational, and socio-emotional aspects of learning.

Why choose us?

  • Schools often lack the resources for the individual intensity provided by therapeutic instruction.

  • Tutors are suitable for homework support or re-teaching class content.

  • Learning difficulties often involve multiple challenges, requiring a comprehensive understanding of both symptoms and causes for effective intervention.

working on vowel sounds with out therapist
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