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Why Therapeutic Learning?

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What is the Difference Between
Therapeutic Instruction and Tutoring?

Therapeutic Instruction
  1. Services Provided

    Focus is on the learning PROCESS which allows students to become independent and confident with content learning.

    Individualized and intensive intervention using research-based strategies and programs.

    Conducts formal and informal assessment of academic skills with regular monitoring.

    Utilizes specific research-based teaching strategies and adjusts over time.

    Provides training in cognitive processes necessary to access literacy instruction.


  2. Therapeutic Training

    Extensive training in learning processes and difficulties

    Additional specific training in the psychology of learning differences, assessment intervention strategies, and the social and emotional aspects that impact learning.

    Have a depth of experience and training in learning exceptionalities.


  3. Goals and Strategies

    Collaboratively sets goals using diagnostic assessments and psycho-educational evaluations (when necessary).

    Determines methodologies and programs based on collaboratively determined goals.

    Develops a therapeutic plan that addresses not only academic difficulties but also psycho-educational and socio-emotional aspects of life-long learning.

  1. Services Provided

    The focus is on CONTENT.

    It answers the question, “What to teach?"

    Assistance with homework and teaches children requiring private instruction in specific subject matter.

    Provides private instruction in specific subject matter.

    Scheduling is easier and may be spread out over time. May be scheduled once or twice a week over a long period of time.


  2. Tutor Training

    Skilled at time management, task completion, study skills and specific subject matter.

    May have some training in exceptionalities.

    No certificate or qualifications required.

    May have background or training in a program used.


  3. Goals and Strategies

    Focuses on improving grades.

    Commonly uses traditional teaching methods.

    May work in a center guided by Educational Therapists.

    May work in the students’ homes

Duluth Core Learning teenagers
When choosing a therapist, tutor, or educational specialist,
keep in mind the following:


Schools are NOT built to have the time or resources for the level of individual intensity that we are able to provide.

Tutors may teach school subjects or provide support with homework. If you are looking for someone to help with homework or re-teach subject content from their classes, then a tutor is a good choice.

Larger companies may limit or focus on their own programs that they are able to provide. However, most learning difficulties are not single in nature, rather there are many areas of challenge that co-exist making remediation more complex. We strive for a deep understanding of both the symptoms and causes because that is what is necessary for an optimal and efficient intervention.

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