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What People Are Saying...

 “Zella was having a very hard time with reading fluency and math skills. She also had some attention issues when we first started the program. She often cried and was very self-conscious in school. After working through Core with Micah, and the reading and math programs, Zella is much more confident. She does not get frustrated easily, can sit and pay attention, and loves to read and write! I fully believe that without the Duluth Core program she would have continued to struggle in school. Duluth Core is well worth the time, effort, and expense. Your child gets it all back three-fold!!”


    Parent of 3rd grader 


“This program has improved a lot of my skills. I notice that my mental flexibility is more open to seeing things from a different view. Also, comprehension when reading has improved drastically. I came here and could barely remember a sentence, and now I can almost remember a whole story. Core is an amazing place, there are many options for people struggling in different areas. Every clinician was absolutely wonderful and I could tell they truly care for their clients!” 


    21 Year Old


“We have seen significant improvement in planning ahead, something we had never seen prior to Core Learning. We have also seen the ability for her to sit down and do her homework independently without continual supervision to focus. Prior to this, she was unable to complete homework if left alone. In school the teachers have reported improved focus as well. We have seen an amazing turn-around of actually being excited to complete school projects and homework.”

    Parent of 5th grader 


“Lucia had been struggling to keep up and work independently at school. She lacked focus and was repeatedly getting up from her work and needing refreshers on work she had previously been introduced to. Core has helped correct these issues, given her confidence, and she feels proud!”

    Parent of 3rd grader 


“Kirsten has developed a positive sense of self. Before Core, she was stuck in a place of anxiety toward several everyday life activities. She now has a greater understanding of how to face challenges, big or small, and see the joy in her accomplishments. She feels more able to take steps that used to be quite scary for her. She learned self-regulation skills that have helped her deal with everyday tasks.”

    Parent of 5th grader 


“I cannot speak highly enough about Duluth Core Learning or about Micah. Layton has really improved in confidence, memory, spelling, and enjoyment of reading. The frustration in our house has dropped dramatically. We are so thankful for this program as it was able to address and correct barriers to reading that we didn’t even know existed. We are so proud of him and it is a pure delight to see him reading at bedtime with a smile on his face. Thank you Micah!”

    Parent of 3rd grader 


“The program has assisted in building a lot of confidence with Aubrey’s learning. Prior she would get frustrated and just freeze herself from progress. She is now having more fun while learning and her grades in school have advanced dramatically.”

    Parent of 6th grader

“Maeva has a better sense of how to get things done on her own. She is generally a more focused and directed student. She has definitely improved in math, which was our primary concern and our original reason to bring her to Core. Cost is worth it. Clinicians are excellent. Core is unique.” 

    Parent of 3rd grader 

“There have been many noticeable changes. Jonah has shown huge improvements in both grades and maturity. He is more confident in both school and in daily interactions. We had been trying so many different things that didn’t work. We said yes because it was different and solid. Try it. It’s worth it. Your child is worth it!”

    Parent of 7th grader

“This program has been amazing for Lance. He has progressed tremendously in his comprehension, attention, and focus. We are super happy to see his progress. Dell, his clinician, was amazing. She is very calm and really knows how to keep him going. She always provided helpful tips that we could use at school and home. What a great place that helps kids succeed!”

    Parent of 2nd grader 

“Dell has done wonderful work with Charleigh. We can’t thank her enough. This program has improved her reading and spelling skills. She doesn’t mix up words when reading aloud which increases her confidence. Thank you.”

    Parent of 11th grader 


“We have discussed our experience at Core with multiple families and highly recommend the experience we had with Micah. His communication with us was excellent and most importantly he could relate to and motivate our son very effectively. Micah is awesome at what he does! What is most important to us is our son’s improved confidence and decreased effort needed to read.”

    Parent of 4th grader 

“This program has helped Caroline be able to breath, take risks, and be successful. She was able to set attainable goals and shatter them. She had a hard time at first and Micah took time to create a relationship that helped her achieve her goals.” 

    Parent of 5th grader 


“I would definitely recommend the program. Garrett has made significant improvement, his confidence in regards to school has really improved. He has enjoyed DCL and the one on one focus. Micah definitely has his trust and attention. I’m hoping Garrett will come back for some additional training.” 

    Parent of high school senior 


“This program really helped my memory and concentration. It pushed me to get smarter, and to push me to remember things with more ease.”

    High school senior 


“This program was truly an answer to our prayer. After years of frustration, confusion, and searching for answers, we feel like we have seen our son reach the potential we always knew he had. His focus, auditory processing/conversations, reading, memory, and spelling have improved more than we could have ever hoped. We feel like we have been given the tools to continue to have success at home and in school with our son. We are more than grateful for the gift Duluth Core has given us!”

    Parent of a 9-year-old student


“We have noted increased maturity, confidence, organization and increased attention span. Our son no longer struggles with self doubt (“feeling dumb”) and his grades went from C’s & D’s to primarily A’s with some B’s. He is no longer in need of additional help from us to organize his assignments, tests and daily school activities. He does it all on his own! We have never regretted taking the chance on Core. It has exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend it. Our son is extremely successful in everything he is doing in his educational adventures. There are no more long hours at the table doing homework, no more tears, no more unfixable struggles and no more feelings of failure for any of us. He is happy and has a much better self-esteem which makes us all happy. The core staff is flexible and accommodating and our son LOVES his Core specialist!”

    Parent of 7th grader

"Comprehending while reading has gotten a lot easier. I am able to picture things a lot clearer when reading and listening. This has helped a lot at school - listening to lectures and everyday life. Overall memory has felt better for me and it makes it easier to study and remember simple things."

   18-year-old student


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