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Tomatis Sound Therapy®

What is it?

Tomatis Sound Therapy is a type of sound stimulation therapy that helps the brain process auditory information more effectively, developed by the French ENT Doctor Alfred Tomatis. It's not just about hearing—it's about listening. There's a significant difference between these two actions. Hearing is a passive process where our ears pick up sounds, but listening is active, where our brain interprets and gives meaning to those sounds.


Benefits of Tomatis Sound Therapy®

The Tomatis Sound Therapy program offers a range of benefits that can touch various aspects of a person’s life. Here are three key benefits that our clients often experience:


1.Enhanced Learning Abilities and Academic Performance:

The Tomatis Method is known to facilitate improvements in auditory processing and attention. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with learning difficulties such as dyslexia or attention deficit disorders.


2.Improved Language and Communication Skills:

This program can be especially transformative for those facing language and communication challenges. It supports the development and fine-tuning of phonological skills, which are critical for language acquisition and articulation.


3.Emotional Regulation and Stress Reduction:

The auditory stimulation in the Tomatis Method has a regulatory effect on the nervous system, which leads to improved emotional balance and stress management.Clients often experience a reduction in anxiety and an improved ability to cope with stress.

Why choose us?


We have an exceptional edge: Carolyn is not just the Director at Duluth Core Learning, she has the distinction of being the only person in Minnesota with Level 2 certification in the Tomatis Method. This advanced certification signifies a deep understanding and skilled application of the Tomatis Method, ensuring that you or your loved ones receive care that's not just informed but also nuanced and tailored.

Our commitment to the Tomatis Method is not just about certificates; it's about outcomes. Carolyn's expertise translates into personalized therapy sessions, ensuring that each client's unique needs are met with precision and empathy. Whether it's navigating learning challenges, language barriers, or emotional hurdles, Carolyn's approach is holistic, compassionate, and, above all, effective.

Additionally, at Duluth Core Learning, we believe in a blend of tradition and innovation. While Carolyn brings years of experience and the authenticity of proven techniques, we also embrace the latest in auditory processing research to complement and enhance the Tomatis Method. This means our clients benefit from a program that is at the forefront of therapeutic advancements.

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