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The Ronnie Gardiner Method

Cognitive Rehabilitation 

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Local Event Schedule

University for Seniors, UMD Campus: RGM Movement Class

Coming in January 2024!

Duluth Core Learning Clinic: RGM Movement Class

October-November 2023

Tuesdays, 11am-Noon

About the Program

Stimulate the brain using the Ronnie Gardiner Method!

This method uses music, rhythm, and movement to build skills such as balance, coordination, motor skills, memory, attention, and more.

Music and movement are fantastic ways to build brain connections, get both sides of the brain working efficiently together, and make cognitive and motor skills easier and more automatic.

The Ronnie Gardiner Method brings communities together to boost confidence, positivity, and overall social skills. 

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More Information

Information about the benefits of RGM classes offered at the Duluth Core Learning Clinic in Duluth, MN

The Ronnie Gardiner Method website to learn more about the history and research of the program

See RGM at work! Featuring some of the Duluth Core Learning staff!

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