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At Duluth Core Learning, we specialize in the cognitive processes behind learning to read, write, and spell. We have studied learning and applied that research to therapeutic instruction.
At Duluth Core Learning, we treat the CAUSE and not just the symptoms.

Doing Homework

Conquer Dyslexia, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder and More! 

Maintain your child’s academic success with 2 to 5 day-a-week,

1x1 individualized sessions built to make learning easier,

more efficient, and fun!  

At Duluth Core, we work to strengthen the underlying skills of

processing, memory, and attention and help students apply them to their

reading, writing, and math.

Contact us at 218-481-0654

We can help overcome many learning challenges.

Therapeutic Learning Center

1 x 1 Individualized Plans


Duluth Core Learning Study Session.png

Our Mission
is to Create 

Efficient Learners 



Not sure how to get started?
Check out our three simple steps!

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